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Home of Endospheres Therapy. 100% non-invasive European anti-aging & body sculpting technology.
Whole body lymphatic drainage. Cellulite removal & weight loss. Skin rejuvenation & tightening. Post-op & postpartum recovery.

Home of Endospheres Therapy. 100% non-invasive European anti-aging & body sculpting technology.
Whole body lymphatic drainage. Cellulite removal & weight loss. Skin rejuvenation & tightening. Post-op & postpartum recovery.
Daria SullivanDaria Sullivan
05:45 08 Jun 24
Dream Spa, and wonderful Kamala, provides effective endosphere treatments that show noticeable results after only a few sessions. Kamala's expertise, personalized care, and friendly manner create a positive and uplifting atmosphere. Opting for endosphere treatments at Dream Spa with Kamala promises great outcomes and a revitalizing experience that boosts confidence and satisfaction.
Megan SMegan S
19:24 07 Jun 24
10 stars if I could. The treatment is incredible, the technician Kamala is amazing, it is truly a winning combo. I've seen endless benefits. From the tightening and smoothing of my skin, reduction in cellulite, reduction of fluid retention, combined with the lymphatic drainage, it really just makes you feel like your best self. I had two babies a year ago and this treatment has really given back to my postpartum body that has done so much and has helped me feel that much more confident in my new body. I appreciate the top notch service from Kamala and look forward to my weekly visit with her. I couldn't recommend enough. It really does the most for me. It is definitely something I will continue to go back for time and time again.
Narine VartanianNarine Vartanian
20:28 04 Jun 24
3 treatments and what a result!! It started as a lymphatic drainage treatment, but I have lost 2 inches over my waist and my scars are lighter.. I see an overall results as my body is healing from inside out. I highly recommend it. And of course Anna and all the girls are very professional and knowledgeable at what they do.
Annette PassagliaAnnette Passaglia
05:10 01 Jun 24
Kayla is amazing! She does a good job, very friendly and very professional. She does a good treatment. My lymphatic system has challenges and her expertise is really making a difference
Anthonette DavidAnthonette David
05:03 01 Jun 24
I have been going to Dream Body Medspa for a few months & love my results. Kayla has done all of my sessions & she is simply the best! She addressed all my questions, she is so professional & friendly.
03:32 22 May 24
I have been going to Dream Body MedSpa for several weeks and Anna and her team including Kayla have done an exceptional job at sculpting my body. In terms of actual benefits, I have experienced a significant improvement in reduction of muscle soreness associated from weight training, reduction in fluid retention and definitely an improvement in overall wellness as I can honestly say this treatment is superior to traditional massage therapy with longer lasting effects. The sessions are performed by qualified and experienced professionals and the customer experience is top notch.
Gayana SarkisovaGayana Sarkisova
03:30 02 May 24
I highly recommend Kayla when you book your appointment. She’s so thorough and knowledgeable about Endosphere treatment. She will put you at ease during the treatment, I literally fall asleep when she treats me. It’s the best thing you can do for your cellulitis! Try it and you won’t regret it!
d pareld parel
02:10 09 Apr 24
I started doing and spheres at Dreambody in Walnut Creek after surgery. I noticed a difference after the first treatment! All the technicians at Dreambody in Walnut Creek are great. I have noticed a difference in the shape of my waist my thighs, and I always leave their feeling very relaxed and refreshed. I needed to have a couple of sessions before it got used to the feeling, most likely because I had surgery. I’ve been going for months now and I really enjoy it. Really good way to invest in wellness. Thank you, Dreambody!
Amazing treatment! It is supposed to help with circulation and skin texture but it is also anti-stress and very relaxing. Totally recommended! Ana was great!
Val MyasnyankinVal Myasnyankin
06:32 17 Mar 24
Really great service. Feel like a new born after this full body/face treatments. Absolutely recommend!
Jonathan DietrichJonathan Dietrich
06:26 09 Mar 24
Milli was great and is very knowledgeable and made me feel absolutely comfortable. I would definitely recommend her for your next visit
Natasha PonomarchukNatasha Ponomarchuk
20:23 26 Jan 24
The endospheres massage treatment is incredible, it provides cellulite reduction , slimming , body contouring and the best part it feels like a deep tissue massage. endosoheres machine works miracles for post exercise recovery, muscle tension release , circulation and lymph drainage. Tried the facial treatment and my facial contour and definition noticeably improved after the first session, incredible
sakred gemzsakred gemz
02:02 19 Jan 24
AMAZING! :OI could not be more happy with the service I received. This modality exceeded my expectations 100%.I feel like I got a lot more bang for my buck by getting this type of massage rather than a regular full body massage. It’s really enjoyable and is a deeply activating form of therapy.I went to some Hot Springs/Sauna later the same day and I noticed an increased amount of sweat pouring out of me quicker than usual.All in all, just a great addition to a complete well-being routine. Not to mention that we immediately could observe a visible difference in the texture of my skin, the tights and buttocks were smoother looking, and it also provided a considerable lift of the butt cheeks!!The space was clean, and Viva did an amazing job as a technician 👌🏽💪✨
Sofia MSofia M
05:15 06 Jan 24
I recently had the opportunity to undergo Endosphere treatment, and I am absolutely thrilled with the results.From the moment I walked into the clinic, the staff made me feel comfortable and well-informed about the entire process. The Endosphere Therapy device, with its gentle vibrations and compression, worked wonders on my skin. I could immediately feel the improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, resulting in a more toned appearance.What surprised me the most, however, was the unexpected benefit this treatment had on my post-c-section scar tissue. The micro-vibrations and compression had a noticeable effect, fading the scar and promoting healing. It gave me newfound confidence and alleviated much of the discomfort I had experienced in that area.Aside from the aesthetic benefits, I also experienced improved digestion and increased feelings of comfort in my stomach area.Overall, I cannot emphasize enough how much I enjoyed my Endosphere treatment. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a safe and efficient solution for various skin concerns.
03:28 08 Nov 23
This is my third treatment with the Dream Body and I cannot wait to go back and recommend it enough. This is an absolutely incredible treatment that contours and detoxifies your body, tones muscles, and revitalizes your skin.I am a huge believer in daily wellness and rejuvenating retreats and have been lucky enough to experience some of the best spas and this is in my top three treatments ever.The treatment feels like a deep tissue massage, but the results are mind-blowing. My skin looks plumped; stretch marks and any other imperfections disappear, and I feel the workout soreness in all the right places. The team is beyond knowledgeable and immediately knows how to work your body to the best results possible.Cannot recommend it enough.
Monaz MehtaMonaz Mehta
22:24 07 Nov 23
Anna is extremely professional and experience practitioner. I have completed 4 sessions and already see a significant improvement in my body. Skin tone improves, cellulite has almost gone can’t wait to complete my 12 sessions to see the real results. While the treatment is surprisingly relaxing another added hidden benefit is I feel a surge of energy after, almost like a mood elevator. All in all I love it and highly recommend this treatment to anyone who is looking for a safe painless way of looking Snatched.
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